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If you are looking for an alternative to your high priced professional liability policy, you have come to the right place.

Harold Diers & Company offers the Coverys/PPIC Podiatry Preferred Professional Liability program in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri and all of Illinois except Cook County.

PPIC is an "A- (Excellent)" rated insurance carrier and one of the few carriers providing liability coverage to podiatrists today. PPIC has an excellent policy form as well as a competitive premium structure.

The Coverys Podiatry Preferred medical professional liability program is designed to meet the professional liability insurance needs of the modern podiatric practice with enhanced claims made coverage, tailored pricing reflecting your actual practice, quality risk management services and outstanding claims handling. All of this backed by expert personalized service from those who understand you and your insurance needs.

In addition to professional liability insurance, we offer podiatrists a variety of other insurance plans we believe are second to none in the marketplace. If you need disability, business overhead, office coverage, workers compensation or life insurance contact us.

Your contacts are Jim Spitsen and Diane Bac