ID Theft Assist

ID Theft Assist

According to a recent Report, in 2017 almost 17 million Americans discovered that their personal information had been used to open fraudulent bank accounts, credit card accounts, bought houses, cars and committed other crimes in THEIR name!

And in 2017 alone, there were 1,579 data breaches reported that exposed over 178 million records!

The problem is epidemic, and getting worse every day!

Harold Diers & Company is proud to present ID Theft Assist!

ID Theft Assist untangles the red tape by completing the tasks the theft victim would have to assume. Americans spent close to 300 million hours getting their financial house back to normal.

This outstanding new service is being offered at a truly economical price. For an annual cost of $99 you can protect you and your family from the time, money and aggravation involved in repairing the damage an identity theft causes.

To apply, click on the ID Theft Assist button you see on the right side of the page or on the link below. Print the short application on page two. Complete the form and return it to our office with your payment.

Your contacts for ID Theft Assist are Jim Spitsen and Diane Bac. Please call if you have any questions.