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We protect our property, our health and even our professional reputations, but many of us fail to protect our ability to provide for ourselves and our families in the event of a disabling injury or illness.

Disability Insurance bridges that gap. The disability insurance plan offered by Harold Diers & Company is specifically designed for our professional clients. Our disability plan does not coordinate with other benefits you might receive. In addition, ours is an “own occupation” policy form. This means that the policy pays if you cannot perform the duties you went to school to learn. Some forms pay only if you cannot perform the duties of “any occupation”. It is more difficult to collect under this type of policy and is less attractive to our professional clients. At Harold Diers & Company, we avoid the use of “any occupation” contracts.

To apply for this important coverage; open, complete, print, scan and e-mail or fax the application to Harold Diers & Company in Omaha at 11635 Arbor St., Suite 230, zip is 68144. Click below to open the form.