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Cyber Liability Exposure in 2017

This year the country will see the trickle down of cyber related claims into smaller businesses. It really started in 2016 to some degree but cyber related claims, especially cyber extortion are on the uptick. Most insurance policies these days have a small amount of cyber liability insurance coverage built in to them. The question is, "Is it enough?" The answer is almost always, 'no'. While insurance companies wrangle for a share of the cyber liability insurance market, premiums have become more reasonable and applications are not as onerous. We at Harold Diers & Company recommend you read your office and professional liability policy to see what, if any, cyber liability coverage is available. If you are a client of ours, give us a call. We can help you determine if increased limits are in your best interest whether through your current insurance policy or in a stand alone policy. Don't wait until something happens to see if you have the right coverage. Contact us today!