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2016 - New Beginnings!

I'm always amazed at the retail ads at the end of one year and the beginning of another. Exercise equipment and organizational tools are always front and center in December and January. The retailers know that we are going to pledge to make changes as one year ends, when we didn't make any of the changes we promised the previous January, and as a new year begins we start fresh with new promises to organize and take better care of ourselves. Since the ads never change in December and January I guess that is a sign that we tend to make promises we won't keep. Well, we have an idea for a promise that you should keep. In 2016 make a promise to review your business and personal insurance. Make sure you have adequate coverage not only for the contents of your business but also your disability, business overhead and life insurance. Call Harold Diers & Company. We will help you keep that promise in 2016! Happy New Year!