• Welcome to 2018! Let's Get Busy!

    Welcome to 2018! It always seems that in January we not only start a new year but we all want to start fresh with business and personal goals. Whether it is organizing your closet, getting paperwork ready for taxes, eating healthier, losing weight, etc we all want to do something different in the new year.

    I know I have been caught up in the January changes. From trying to organize my office and de-clutter everything else I feel a strange energy to clean up what I left undone in 2017.

    So this is a great time to look at your insurance program to see what needs to be updated or changed. Did you form a new corporation in the past year? Add new equipment to your office? Does it look like you will need to update your disability and business overhead limits due to increased earnings?

    Whatever you need, contact Harold Diers & Company for a comprehensive review of your overall insurance portfolio. If we don't know about the changes to your business or personal needs, we can't help you stay on top of them!

Welcome to Harold Diers & Company

Harold Diers & Company is an Omaha, Nebraska based insurance agency specializing in insurance for professionals. Established in 1941, our agency has the knowledge and ability to match your practice with the best insurance possible and customer service second to none.

Today, Harold Diers & Company offers a wide range of insurance plans for professionals, including professional liability, property, workers compensation, health, disability, office overhead, life, accident, and ID theft.

We also offer risk management information to keep your practice as "risk free" as possible in this highly litigious society.

How About an Insurance Review?

Whether you are a client of our office or not it is always a good idea to review your insurance program every year or so. Contact us to set up an insurance review of your:

Dental practice in Nebraska or North Dakota,
Accounting practice in Nebraska or Iowa,
Law practice in Nebraska
Podiatry practice in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, North Dakota and South Dakota

Cyber exposures have become more evident this year. Make sure you have the cyber coverage you need to protect your business should your data become compromised or if you cause a problem with your clients data or system.