• Midwest Podiatry Conference 2015

    On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 5th to the 7th we will help represent the ACE Podiatry PLUS Professional Liability Plan at the Midwest Podiatry Conference in Chicago. Stop by the ACE Podiatry PLUS booth if you plan to attend! Harold Diers & Company is the exclusive agent for this program in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado and all of Illinois except Cook County.

  • Snow Closure

    Our Omaha office is closed today due to the snow storm. If you need assistance call our Lincoln office at 402-484-5880. We should be back open in Omaha tomorrow!

  • You Don't Have Enough Life Insurance!

    Well, the odds are you don't have enough life insurance. According to recent studies life insurance ownership is lower than it has been in years. Not only that, but the amount of life insurance carried by most people is down by 15%. If you need more personal protection for you and your family, or you need to fund a buy/sell agreement in your business it is time to contact Harold Diers & Company. We can help you with all of your life insurance needs. With companies like Met Life and Ohio National we can put together the right life insurance plan for you and your business. Contact us today.

  • Time to Review That Which Protects You!

Welcome to Harold Diers & Company

Harold Diers & Company is an Omaha, Nebraska based insurance agency specializing in insurance for professionals. Established in 1941, our agency has the knowledge and ability to match your practice with the best insurance possible and customer service second to none.

Today, Harold Diers & Company offers a wide range of insurance plans for professionals, including professional liability, property, workers compensation, health, disability, office overhead, life, accident, and ID theft.

We also offer risk management information to keep your practice as "risk free" as possible in this highly litigious society.

The Personal Umbrella Application is now available!

While we get our dedicated Personal Umbrella Liability page up and running, you can contact our office and the correct application for your state can be emailed directly to you. Contact us with any questions you might have. A personal umbrella is an affordable way to add a layer of protection to your overall risk management plan.